Don’t Let Loneliness Be the Reason for Drinking or Drugging

Don't Let Loneliness Be the Reason for Drinking or Drugging | Transcend Recovery Community

One of the most common reasons to drink or use substances of any kind is the feeling of loneliness. This might be particularly true if you’ve just separated from a relationship or marriage. If you’re living alone, without a community of people to spend time with, then loneliness can easily be a part of your life. This feeling is very commonly one that draws men and women to want to get high – or change their emotional experience through drinking. Others might turn to substance use, such as marijuana or painkillers to try to feel better.

However, you don’t have to turn to drugs or alcohol to feel like you’re not alone. Instead, you can find a community of people to spend time with. Plus, there are other ways to alleviate your loneliness. Consider the following three options:

Connect with yourself. If you are alone and you’re beginning to feel loneliness, start to connect with yourself. You can do this by being creative. You can do this through journaling, painting, or dancing. When you are creative, you have the opportunity to get in touch with what’s inside of you. You can access what you want to express. Another way to connect with yourself is to ask yourself questions that matter:

  • What do you want to do in life?
  • Who do you want to become?
  • What are your goals?
  • What kind of life do you see yourself living?
  • What kind of contribution do you want to make in your life?

These are important questions. Although you might be focused on sobriety, eventually, you may want to discover more about the direction your life is going. Exploring these questions and writing about them can facilitate getting answers.

Connect with others. Perhaps you want to connect with others, but there aren’t people around to connect to. Or there might not people around you want to connect with. However, if loneliness is a feeling you experience often, then connecting with someone can be helpful. If someone is around, he or she might not be your first choice, but connecting with him or her can help you feel better. In fact, the greater relationships we have, the better we feel and the less tendency there is to feel lonely. If you find yourself wanting to be around more people, join a club, attend a social gathering, participate in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings to meet others reaching for sobriety.

Connect with the world. Although it’s not always easy to connect with the world, there are many simple ways to do this. For instance, you might want to watch the news. You might want to watch a documentary highlighting what is going on in a certain region of the world. You may want to get on Facebook and find old friends, make new ones, and join groups that you appreciate. You can also, simply, go for a walk and connect with the natural world. Or you can prepare to go camping and connect with the celestial world – the stars, constellations, and planets. Connecting with the world can help you experience your own significance inside the larger matrix of the cosmos.

Although loneliness is a common feeling that leads to drinking or drug use, there are many other options to choose from to alleviate your loneliness. Instead of drinking or use drugs, try one of the suggestions above.


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