The Common Desire to be Unique in Sobriety

By Justin Hewitt

As a member, in the field of recovery, I have noticed one question that comes up almost every time I am introduced to a recovery professional. “Well that’s nice but what makes Transcend unique?” I have also noticed that anytime you ask someone about their program the response is almost always, “Well, what makes us unique is….” In an industry that is in a current state of over-saturation, I completely understand wanting to stand out. I have uttered these all to common words myself.

In deep thought I pondered the irony of a “unique approach” to a disease that has been described as terminal uniqueness. I thought to myself, what is the desire to be unique when there are so many perfected methods for recovery. In further thought, I tried to assess the uniqueness of Transcend. We are an individualized program that supplements our clients 12-step experience with extended resources. We do look to positively reinforce our clients progress and not shame them for mistakes. We are structured. These all are statements that sound unique yet there are many great sober livings that do these things.

Then it hit me, Transcend is unique for the simple reason that our staff is all its own. It’s the people that make Transcend unique. Between Asher and myself as well as the rest of the managers, it is evident that we strive to see our clients better their lives no matter what approach is needed. Our residents are unique. Every group a different cast of characters to support and challenge one another. I have an answer now. When asked, “What makes Transcend unique?” I shall respond, with a grin of course, “We have unique people teaching ordinary and common spiritual principles to unique groups of people.”

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