Why We Choose Sober Living for Continuing Care

Enhancing Sobriety Through Wisdom, Guidance, and Support

Sober living works. It is not just a next logical step, but an intrinsic and vital aspect to the recovery of thousands. It is not a coincidence that every single rehab facility in the country both recommends and associates with sober livings. Statistics show the people who leave a treatment facility to return home, have a relapse rate of 90% in the first year. That percentage is cut to 50% after just three months in sober living. Although these numbers cannot be attributed across the board due to highly individualized aspects of recovery and the very difficult and unreliable task of following up, this blog exists to change that. Using direct, specific and formalized interviews with prior, successful clients who have a firsthand grasp of the enormous benefit’s a sober living has to offer.

The longer one is able to remain in sober living, the better their chances of maintaining sobriety. This may seem obvious, but to many the idea of sober living is unpleasant or frivolous. Why do I need to spend profuse amounts of money to do something that people have readily achieved through very free A.A. meetings and sponsorship programs? The answer is simple. As any addict can attest, the trials and persuasions of a life free from direct accountability or structure are consistently overwhelming. Like the age old adage of sticks in a bundle, strength is found in numbers. Also, who can tell when an addicts delve back into the mires of his addiction will be his last. I am grateful to be a product of only one sober living, although it was twice, and I am not setting out to hype one facility in particular or discount any others, I am merely relating my experience. Speaking from personal knowledge, the level of support found in a quality sober living is invaluable, if not inspiring. To exist within a care group of people sharing a common affliction, soon coming to recognize it within others, and then banding yourself to that group out of a sense of both need and encouragement, puts into place stepping stones that can be responsible for a life of successful interactions.

The right sober living is, at its basis, a value structuring system at a personalized level, readily akin to a fitness trainer, but for the aspects of life addicts so rigorously abandon out of correctable faults in nature. After years as a person completely separated from the “normal” existence, reinserting myself into society without the aid of a very calming drink or a very inspiring drug, day-to-day life was a multitude of hardships. A lack of responsibility is innate in nearly every addict, its what makes us who we are. To be forced to deal in a world where functioning and responsible people have long since been, is a weight many of us cannot support. But to come home to a place full of others openly in a similar struggle replaces the hope and lifts one up on wings of commonality. Feeling alone is the most tangible reason for departing reality. Although the presence of residents is invaluable to the process, the staff is the cornerstone on which a proper sober living functions. If anything need be researched when choosing an aftercare program, it is the staff. They are the inspiration, the prize, a fellow addict can hold up to the light as an example of achievement. As to the Transcend staff, I can attest only my greatest praise.

Boiled down, it is true that the solution can be had without a stint in sober living, but to deny that which may save a life or at the very least enrich it beyond a common, solitary level, is unfortunate considering the potential. In the end, sober living is a choice, as most everything is in life. It is one that should be made only if one is sincere about their recovery, but if you are, I, along with the numerous following examples, would strongly advocate your potential and success be harbored by what we believe to be an invaluable aspect to our recovery, and consequentially, our lives.

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