What Makes Los Angeles The Place To Be For Recovery

What Makes Los Angeles The Place To Be For Recovery

Our external environment can have a major impact on our resolve to stay sober. Sights, sounds, and smells can be triggers for our bad feelings. Changes in temperature can negatively affect our mood, with some people even experiencing a drastic shift with each change of season. Staying in the environment where we engaged in our addictive behaviors is rarely the best option for successful recovery.

Our socialization and activity options can also become a problem during recovery. Not having like-minded friends who support our perspectives on the world can result in a feeling of isolation, which can drive us back into our addiction. Not having enough opportunity for engaging in activity can lead to frustration and boredom, and can result in deciding to use a substance for escape.

Los Angeles provides an opportunity to address – and eliminate – each of these concerns. A stay in this diverse and bountiful region can help you to extinguish your environmental triggers, form new social connections, and develop a lifestyle of healthy recreation. When it comes to best areas for a sober living facility to operate, Los Angeles is prime location.


The Natural Environment Is Serene

The close proximity of Los Angeles to the coast means that the weather is always amazing. Surveys have even listed the area as having the best overall weather in the United States. The moderate climate means that your mood won’t be fluctuating with the temperature, leaving you free to focus on finding your zen.

In addition to the great weather, Los Angeles includes multiple landmark features. It is home to beaches, mountains, and forests, meaning that you will not ever be far from your favorite, peaceful, spot.  Whether you prefer the sound of crashing waves or of pine needles crunching underfoot, you will find it nearby. There are even opportunities to spend some contemplative nights while out in nature, with campsites located on both the sand, and under the trees.


Culture Abounds

A major part of successful recovery involves reprogramming the brain to desire activities other than the drug or alcohol use. The formation of new habits is made much easier in a place where there are a lot of options to choose from. The Los Angeles area is known for its access to cultural fare.

Los Angeles is home to various pro sports teams, making attendance at home games a favorite pastime. It is also home to several museums, ranging in focus from art, history, and science. For some childlike recreation, there are multiple theme parks within a short distance from the epicenter. When you are hungry from taking in all of the sights, you will find it easy to indulge in delicious foods from all over the world.

While it may not always be easy to participate in cultural events while remaining faithful to your goal of sobriety, there are opportunities to bolster your resolve through the encouragement of like-minded individuals. Groups such as Soberchella exist as evidence of the commitment of the people in Los Angeles to experiencing the culture while staying sober, and no-alcohol bars are becoming the trend.


Socialization Opportunities Are Everywhere

Social isolation is both a factor in sustained addiction, and in relapse. With a population of over four million people, it isn’t hard to find others to socialize with in Los Angeles. While you may want to spend some of your recovery time in a pocket of introspective solitude, you won’t have to go far when wanting to switch into social mode.

In Los Angeles, you have the opportunity to meet some of the most diverse and interesting people in the world. In addition to a chance encounter with a celebrity, there are hundreds of support groups and sober mentoring opportunities. You will have plenty of opportunity to shop around to find a group which suits your individual personality.

When desiring to socialize in matters outside of the topic of sobriety, there are also get-togethers for exploring any range of interests. There are groups for animal lovers, gamers, cosplayers, theme park enthusiasts, and travel buffs. If socializing with a certain sex, race, age, or religion is what you need, you will be able to find specialty groups in those types of categories, as well.


Physical Fitness is Always in Vogue

Drug and alcohol addiction wreaks havoc on a body, and we aren’t typically very concerned with our physical health while we are engaging in addiction. Once the addiction pattern has been broken, we can begin to turn our focus toward getting – and staying – physically healthy. There is no better location than Los Angeles for inspiring a lifestyle of health and fitness.

Hiking, playing sports, surfing, yoga classes, biking, and working out at the gym are only a handful of the exercise options that you will find in L.A. The area has played host to several celebrity fitness gurus over the years, and finding your perfect exercise hangout spot is easy. For those who want to try out an exercise activity before committing to it, there are several equipment rental shops available, as well.

When it comes to fueling your body with energy for the exercise, specialty restaurants and grocery stores will provide you with direction toward nutritious eating. Los Angeles is always forefront in the latest trends for health-consciousness, including support for the popular vegan, paleo, and ketogenic diets.


Finding a Place to Volunteer Is Easy

The initial period of recovery isn’t usually the best time to find a new job. You will need time for your body, mind, and emotions to adjust to your new life of sobriety. For some, not having a job to go to can be a source of stress. This is where volunteering comes in handy.  Los Angeles is a mecca for non-profit organizations, and the high population means that there is never a lack of people in need. You can experience the responsibility and self-esteem associated with contributing to society, while still allowing yourself the freedom to focus on recovery.

Why Los Angeles Is A Great Place for Recovery

Los Angeles is Great for Addiction Recovery

As one of the country’s most famous metropolis, the City of Angels is as diverse and complex as cities can get. People from all over the country – and the world – come to visit LA, and at least a few million have come to call it home. But with that size and reputation comes a little turbulence, as with any great city.

Crime and poverty are problems LA doesn’t face alone, but these issues are sizeable in comparison to much of the rest of California. Yet like many great cities, the people of LA understand that the health of their community is theirs to protect and promote, and as one among countless initiatives, many in LA work to help the homeless, the mentally ill, the poor, and the addicted.

Addiction treatment in particular has a long history in Southern California, as part of the region’s greater legacy of providing a sunny getaway for the colder, harsher parts of America. What started as a way to evade the brutal winters for those with the funds to afford it became an industry built to help treat both physical as well as psychiatric ills. While Southern California has a reputation for its fair share of dark and controversial rehab stories, LA and the surrounding area continues to be a place for struggling addicts seeking the help and refuge of reputable and qualitative rehab facilities.

It’s not all picturesque and luxurious. A lot of LA’s beauty comes from the ordinary, rather than the extraordinary – while luxury sober living homes and rehab centers help many better tackle the challenges of addiction, it’s how one defines and builds their lifestyle after rehab that matters most. And LA is a great place for recovering addicts looking to discover themselves and figure out how best to lead a sober life in a world rife with temptation.


LA is Incredibly Diverse

As the largest city in California, and one of the largest cities in America, LA boasts a population of millions. Among these millions are people with roots and relatives in countries all over the planet, all of whom are proud to call themselves American. And with that diversity comes the blessing of experiencing a massive slice of the world all within a single community.

Los Angeles is home to families, artists, and professionals from cultures across Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America. These cultures, languages, and traditions mingle, creating individual communities as well as coalescing cultures and identities.

This expresses itself in different architectural styles, cuisines, music, murals, and more. People come together to celebrate their old homes and join to celebrate their new home. It’s this spirit of accepting who you are and encouraging harmonious coexistence that many who struggle with addiction can learn from. By embracing your past and looking optimistically forward to a better future, you learn to let go of feelings of shame and guilt and instead find things about yourself you can be proud of. LA teaches people that there is no one right way to live, and no one right kind of identity. Many in California with a background of immigration struggle with cultural identity – it’s hard to identify as American when you feel different, and are made to feel different, or even ashamed. It’s hard to embrace a new culture when so much of who you are is ingrained in the old one.

But just as many struggle with these questions, they also find answers. LA is a great place for self-discovery and realizing that an important part of self-acceptance is learning to embrace the unique elements within yourself, rather than clinging to the stigma attached to your past.


There’s Plenty to Do

One of the great benefits of living in a metropolis is the abundance of activities to choose from. Regardless of what your passion might be, LA has a community for you. Whether it’s music, art, fitness, research, food, gaming, or something entirely different, you’re bound to find a group of enthusiasts in or around Los Angeles who are just as interested and engaged in their topic of choice as you are.

Communities and hobbies are critical to long-term recovery, which is partly why large cities with countless different communities are great places to develop your new sober identity. Communities help us feel accepted and surrounded by others who share the same interests and sensibilities, providing a reliable way to meet new and interesting people, create long-lasting friendships, and feel like a part of something greater. Hobbies help many who are struggling with staying sober find something to invest time in, partly as a distraction from their cravings and temptations, and partly as a new way to cope with life’s stresses without gravitating back towards old habits.

Having plenty to do as a recovering addict is important, and there’s never a shortage on things to check out and people to talk to in the city of Los Angeles.


LA and Active Lifestyles

Living an active lifestyle is important in recovery. Not only is it healthy to get up and get moving, but it can help improve a recovering addict’s mood and improve their quality of life in recovery. Many addicts struggle with health problems as a result of their addiction – getting your diet on point and becoming more active week after week can drastically speed up the physical aspect of recovery and continue to pay dividends to the psychological aspect of recovery for years to come.

Regardless of how you prefer to move, LA is a great place for those aspiring to become healthier. From more ‘hardcore’ communities like CrossFit and barbell training to leisurely walking groups, swimming classes, and beginner’s sports workshops, there’s never a shortage of exercises to try or sports to get into.

To recap, sober life in LA can be great – but it’s important to reiterate that it’s not easy. Staying sober is always hard at first, and as much as it helps to have plenty of options, it’s just as important to choose the right ones. That can be a great challenge.

Sober living homes, outpatient programs, and the support of friends and family can help alleviate some of the pressure many feel while in early recovery, when all choices are overwhelming. With time, it’ll become clearer what works and what doesn’t when it comes to choosing treatment options and making lifestyle choices.


What Can Los Angeles Offer to Someone In Recovery?

What Los Angeles Offers To Recovery

Los Angeles is a great big city, with over 4 million residents, over 270 different neighborhoods, and worldwide fame as the home of Hollywood, the entertainment center of the world. Yet LA is also home to thousands of recovering drug addicts, and a large sober living community. Despite its fair share of problems with drug use and distribution – par for the course for any large city – the city of Los Angeles provides plenty of opportunities for recovering addicts seeking out a better life and their time as an addict.

Any big city can be a challenge to live in, especially when faced with the temptations of drug use and relapse. However, there are many benefits to living in a vibrant urban environment, especially if you know how to take advantage of the variety around you.

Differentiating from the vice and the virtuous can be a tough task in a city as big as the City of Angels, but with a bit of patience and a map, you’ll be sure to see just how much of LA is devoted to allowing people to enjoy the many pleasures of life without dipping into the sinister and the illicit. Not a drop of drink is necessary to enjoy the best and the greatest of what LA has to offer, if you know what to look for.


More Than Urban Life

While LA is known for urban sprawl, Los Angeles is a natural habitat to countless species of animals and many different forms of vegetation, with several different ecosystems spread out throughout the county, from mountains to beaches, wetlands, and forests. There is no shortage of parks and nearby locations to get away from the hustle of the city and breathe in a lungful of fresh air. Home to several plantations, reserves, conservation projects and more, there are countless opportunities to back away completely from civilization and step back into nature.

Besides that, the city features plenty of attractions and cultural curiosities for not only any tourists that decide to visit LA, but its myriad of residents. With an incredibly mixed multicultural population, LA is home to various Hispanic, white, black, and Asian neighborhoods from different ethnic backgrounds, melding together in places to produce wild combinations in the form of art, cuisine, and music, just to mention a few. Communities throughout the county bring their own ‘old country’ flavor to the area, making a stroll through LA feel more like a journey through half the world.


Plenty of Talent

Being home to countless cultures lends itself in a particularly interesting way when viewing LA from the perspective of an onlooking artist. Whether you’re interested in murals, paintings, sculptures, performances, or food, there’s absolutely no shortage of individual creativity and cultural ingenuity throughout the area, from countless comedy cellars and local theaters to bodybuilding shows, concerts, food festivals, cultural events, and much more.

LA has taken its long and storied history of immigration to heart and is better off for it. However, it takes a bit of looking to truly reach the best parts of LA and discover its most precious experiences. Even a long-time resident would do well to take the time explore the county, and they’d likely find something new. For individuals in recovery, the value of that is priceless. Always having something different to look forward to in your home of choice means you never quite know what you’ll find or end up doing next week, while still preserving an important sense of familiarity with a place or region.


Countless Communities

Sober communities, art enthusiasts, home cooks, video game enthusiasts, manga fans, martial artists, fitness gurus, avid cyclists, amateur musicians, and so much more: LA is home to millions of Americans and foreign nationals, each with their set of interests and hobbies, and many of which have been connecting and networking for years to share in their passions and create communities for countless other enthusiasts to join in and enhance their experiences.

Whether your passion is physical, intellectual, or creative, it’s likely that in a big city like LA, there’s going to be no shortage of people who share an interest in the same things you do, and they’ll likely be willing to meet up and talk about those interests.


Conventions, Events, Festivals

TimeOut, Eventbrite, Discover Los Angeles and Events12 are just a few of the many Internet portals out there with access to a breadth of information on the various events, festivals, and ongoings in the LA area. Regardless of your interests, something that might interest you is bound to be around the corner or might even be scheduled for this week. Keep an eye on a handful of event calendars, and never miss out on something that might interest you, whether it’s a panel for your favorite author, an upcoming seminar, a cultural festival, or something completely different.


Learn Something New

Any city in the world is a great place to learn new things, but LA is home to some of the world’s best and most talented artists, chefs, actors, and performers. People move from all over at great costs to find a place in LA to absorb some of the experience and knowledge of their idols and make a name for themselves in any one of countless thriving industries in the region.

Even if you don’t have an aspiration of dancing on the world stage, LA is a great place to learn from some of the best of the best, or just have fun taking part in any of the various workshops and classes ongoing at every given moment. Being open to new experiences and being willing to invest time and effort into something completely out of one’s comfort zone is an important part of the recovery process, and one that might allow you to find that one passion you always needed to guide your path through long-term sobriety.

During early and ongoing recovery, having a large variety of things to do can greatly decrease a person’s risk of relapse. Boredom can be deadly to the recovery process, and sober activities help recoverees understand that just because they had to give up drugs, doesn’t mean they have to give up on fun.

Ways to Make Friends in Los Angeles

Making Friends in LA

Perhaps not too surprisingly, it’s not very easy making friends in Los Angeles. While the advice for many major cities would be to simply head out and get to know some people in bars along the weekends, this isn’t the case for LA residents and anyone looking to maintain their sobriety. Thankfully, you’re able to just as easily make friends in LA sober as you are while getting drunk.

LA is more than just a big city – it’s the epicenter of the entertainment world, a city where the poor and absurdly rich live within the same few square miles, and a city where every local is wary of the stranger looking to meet new people, get connections, and get ahead. Los Angeles is known for its history of struggling with fame and superficiality, and “mingling” often attracts the wrong crowd.

So how do you make new friends? Don’t hit the club – hit the other kind of club. Look for sports clubs, fitness clubs, art clubs, game clubs and other hobbyist circles. Not all of these are always ideal, and you have to feel things out – but who said making friends is easy? Figure out your main interest and pursue it endlessly. Make connections through meetups, events, and other similar get-togethers. People in Los Angeles are looking for interesting friends with more to say and something to contribute – when you discover that a lot of people play at friendship to find a way to get ahead, it can be easy to cultivate a more cynical outlook on mingling and develop the sense that most people aren’t looking for meaningful connections, but are rather searching for networking opportunities.

Here are a few reliable ways to seek out new friends in Los Angeles, while staying completely sober.


Pursue a Hobby

First and foremost, identify something you’re passionate about. If your goal is to make friends in sobriety, you have to first step back and dedicate some time to setting up a fun itinerary for you to go through week after week. Whatever your hobby might be, if you lean in and commit yourself to it, you’re bound to attract the attention of some fellow hobbyists with an interest in the same things as you.

Your hobby could be something physical like a sport, or something mental like a game or form of creativity. Put yourself out there either by joining a local sports team or checking out the local arts/games scene.

If the opportunity presents itself to make money or earn a living from your passion, don’t pass it up. Many people go their entire lives without ever having the opportunity to make a living off something they truly enjoy doing. If it’s friends you’re looking for, then the best opportunity for great conversations and new connections is by spending your time doing things you truly enjoy, and being openly enthusiastic about the opportunity to share your passions with others, whether it’s dancing or collectables.


Find Friends Online

The Internet is the ultimate mixed bag, with its fair share of great and terrible things – and while it can be faulted for productivity issues, the spread of anxiety, cyber-bullying, more fake news and half a dozen other perceived problems, it’s still the ultimate communication’s tool, and the best way to connect with people.

Not just people in the far corners of the Earth, but people right here in your own city. Countless Facebook groups, online meetups, event websites and schedules give you free and unlimited access to the inner workings of LA, letting you know exactly what’s going down where, and when, for what reason.

Whether you’re looking to mingle with a few people or just meet one or two new friends, the Internet is always a great place to start. Just be sure to stick to local avenues if you’re specifically looking for people you can make contact with. Some dating apps and websites also have options specifically for those who want to find friends rather than hookups.


Schedule a Meetup

If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, why not organize it yourself? LA is a big city with lots of representation, but if you feel there isn’t a space for your specific interest or hobby, you can create one, put it out there, and see if there are others willing to join in and meet up over a cup of coffee and some food. Through social media and specific meetup sites, it’s much simpler to set up and share groups and events.

Setting up a meetup is a little more involved, and it’s usually best to find some friends first. But it can still be a great way to get to know more people and expand your friend circle if you’re already established in LA, and just want to make some new acquaintances.


Do Some Good

A very effective way to spend your time and double up on your chances of meeting someone interesting is to volunteer. There are dozens of different ways to help out and make a difference, simply choose what matters most to you.

By coordinating with shelters, NGOs and charities through the Internet, you can find several different events to participate in and lend a helping hand in. Volunteering might just entail helping out at the local dog shelter, distributing fliers, bringing in supplies, working at a soup kitchen, spreading the word, or spending a few hours lending a hand for an array of different tasks throughout any given event. Lots of people in LA try to spend some of their free time doing things that can help the community, if that means taking care of the homeless, distributing food to the poor, and more.

Some people attend meetups, events, get-togethers, and classes specifically to meet others and make new friends. Others are there specifically to learn, help out, or have fun. In either case, it may take some time before you find a couple people to talk to. Just remember to be sociable, ask questions, introduce yourself, strike up conversations and make contact with different people throughout the whole event.

Finding friends can be hard, especially when you’re moving into a new city, or are dealing with a difficult transition in life (such as early sobriety). But new friendships and new experiences can be valuable especially for fighting back against your own vices and addiction.

What Sets Los Angeles Apart as a Recovery Community?

What Sets LA Apart For Sober Living

The City of Angels, home to millions, is also home to countless recovering addicts. Like any large city, it has its fair share of problems – and for recovering addicts, its fair share of temptations. But it’s not alone. Other metropolis around the US share some of the same qualities: the quality of being a melting pot, having a unique culture, a long and complex history, and a series of pros and cons.

So, what makes LA so unique for recovering addicts, and why is Los Angeles’ recovery community one-of-a-kind? Part of it has to do with its unique history in addiction treatment, recovery, and sober living. It was in LA that sober living was first developed as way for recovering addicts to continue living in a controlled, drug-free environment designed to help them transition into real living after a rehab program.

While residential treatment grew in popularity, there also came a need for a different type of treatment program that allowed more flexibility, and would be specifically designed to allow residents to put a greater focus on more applicable experience, by building an environment conducive to self-discipline, pushing residents to seek out and hold down jobs or school responsibilities, and giving them access to a wide range of amenities while encouraging third-party treatment through one-on-one therapy, 12-step programs, and group therapy.

But there’s more to LA than sober living. While LA still has most of the sober living facilities in the country, the movement has grown throughout the US. Today, LA is one of the best places to get sober in for a variety of reasons.


Always Something to Do

Every city is the city that never sleeps – but LA is more than just another metropolis. As part of its large art culture and focus on providing a city-wide scene specifically for the creatively-oriented, offering classes, courses, and experiences unlike any other place in the US save for Broadway. If you’re looking to start a career specifically oriented in the arts – or just want to get involved in filmmaking and animation – then Los Angeles is still a good place to start.

More than that, Los Angeles is also an amazing place for underground art. With some of the most unique and tucked-away installations in the country, there’s more than enough for any art lover to explore.

The “doing” part extends past the art scene, onto the plate, the mats, and the gym. With a large local sports scene, world-class cooking schools and much more, there’s always something new to learn and a different place to check out on the quest for more things to do and discover.


More to Discover

Regardless of whether you’re a tourist or a long-time resident, LA is constantly growing while maintaining a beautiful selection of natural wonders and locations. Hiking trails, waterfalls, rock climbing sites and national parks are scattered throughout the greater Los Angeles area, giving you a consistent blend between natural Californian landscapes and the ever-growing ambition of LA’s citizenry.

If it’s food you’re looking for, LA’s culinary scene is among some of the best in the country. There’s a chef and world-class restaurant for almost every cuisine, from Mexican to Japanese.

If nature isn’t your thing, don’t underestimate LA’s sober nightlife, with several regular sober meetups throughout the area, as well as several nighttime hobbies to keep you out of the bar and stimulated in ways no drink could ever do.


Countless Places of Quiet

Part of addiction recovery is built around giving you things to do, filling up your time, and helping you discover activities and hobbies that you might never have considered if not for your commitment to sobriety. But constantly being on the lookout for something new is also exhausting, and depleting.

We need time away from the new and the stimulating, time to recharge. Many cities simply offer you no such time, because the stress of living in the hubbub of a metropolis gives no pause. But LA is surrounded by places of quiet, little nooks you can call your own where you can find the time and space to get away from everything and enjoy being alone.

Early on in recovery, you might not want to be alone with your thoughts. But as time passes and you continue to grow into your sobriety, you’ll find that you need time to reflect on how life has changed, and how you’re going to be moving forward. Time to be alone in your own head, looking back on how things have changed for you, and what you feel about it.


World-Class Addiction Treatment

LA has one of the largest sober communities in the country, alongside a wide variety of world-class addiction treatment facilities, including rehab facilities, outpatient treatment facilities, sober living homes, and several experts and specialists on addiction medicine.

Simply put, LA is one of the best places to be in if you’re looking for help with an addiction. There are local communities for substance abuse as well as “behavioral addictions”, or use disorders, such as teens and adults struggling with gaming addiction, sex addicts, internet addiction, and more.

But at the heart of it all is the spirit of sobriety living within a city so well known for glitz, glamour, and the sins and vices that accompany both. A common misconception among many is that sobriety is the death of fun – so why does it flourish in LA? Because the opposite is true. Sobriety works best when you’re so passionate abut what you do and the community you’re a part of, that you don’t need drugs. Sobriety works best when you’re so deeply steeped in positivity and support that you can forego the need to rely on drugs as way to drown your sorrows. Sobriety works best when you can find all the help you need to stay sober, at any given moment, anywhere in the city.

Sobriety works best in a city that not only faces its fair share of drug problems, but also has the color and vibrancy that reflects how diverse and varied life can be. If you’re looking for sobriety, LA is perfect.

Los Angeles Is A Haven for Recoverees

Los Angeles Sober Living Haven

It’s a fairly safe bet to assume that when people picture the City of Angels, they’re not always picturing a paradise of virtue and pleasant hospitality in every alley. Like any major city, Los Angeles is filled with its fair share of flaws to be sure, but not ones that aren’t offset by the positives it brings.

Any big urban center is bound to have a seedy underbelly, but there’s so much more to the body of a great city than the belly. Los Angeles has a rich and varied history, world-famous for glamour and controversy, for countless years of decadence and alluring mysteries.

More than just a place of glitz and glamour, it’s home to an incredibly diverse population of more than 4 million Americans of every size, shape, and color imaginable. Native American tribes lined the shores of California and may continue to work to preserve that heritage to this day, and centuries after the arrival of Europeans on the other side of the continent, LA is a city bustling with countless ethnicities, cultures, and struggles.

What this amounts to is a land changed by generations of violence and progress, and a melting pot of cultures coming together to simultaneously celebrate an American way of life while bringing something unique and fresh to the table. If you can learn to embrace the unknown, LA is one of the best places to be sober and recover from an addiction. But you need help, guidance, and the right treatment plan.


Why Bustling Cities Make the Best Places for Recovery

It’s conventional wisdom that cities are more dangerous than rural areas, as more people generally means more crime, more deviance, more poverty and violence. There is something intrinsic about nature and the great outdoors that make us think that, despite the great opportunities and wonders of the modern urban world, people just live better lives when accustomed to the land and what it has to offer. More to the point, there’s a certain belief that addiction in particular is much more common in cities than it would be out in the countryside.

Regardless of what conventional wisdom has to say, rural areas are not significantly safer than urban ones – at least not for addicts. While a lower population density does generally mean fewer addicts, addiction is far from rare outside of America’s urban centers. With years of economic hardship comes the sad fact that rural America is facing skyrocketing poverty, alongside a bustling and thriving black market for illegal drugs all across the country.

Among the many things this implies, it means being an addict can be just as hard, if not much harder, if you’re living in rural America. Once that fact sets in, all the positives of living and thriving in a bustling city begin to attract attention.

LA is a metropolis, and that alone comes with a fair share of implications. But it also comes with the fact that it’s stocked with countless world-class rehabilitation and recovery facilities, sober living homes dedicated to helping teens and adults struggling with addiction, and a number of local experts and researchers in universities and hospitals taking the time to further study and dissect the nature of addiction, alongside lawmakers and attorneys working together to find ways to help addicts stuck in the system, making the law work for them and society, so they get the help they need while addiction and drugs become less of a menace than they currently are.

It’s not perfect, but it never is. If you’re seeking help – the kind that can get you clean and can help you stay clean – an exciting city with a large local recovery scene is probably your best bet.


It’s Important to Keep Yourself Busy

Anyone who has gone through recovery can tell you that keeping yourself busy is the key to maintaining your sanity, while staying clean. If you’ve spent any appreciable amount of time being high when you shouldn’t have been, you’ll come to realize how difficult it is to not be high for any stretch of time. While “keeping your mind off things” is more or less impossible on some days, especially early on, this advice is particularly aimed at people who have successfully completed a rehab program and are working on pulling their life together outside of a treatment center. Staying busy is key, keeping yourself interested in other things and dedicating yourself to both short-term and long-term goals is a good way to fend off intrusive and obstructive thoughts and memories, and maintain your sobriety.

It’s easy to find things to do in a city like LA. If you aren’t out looking for employment or working a steady job or two, LA always has something going on – and it doesn’t have to involve any booze. Spend your first few months away from places that tend to have a lot of alcohol and be selective with whom and where you party. Better yet, get help from trusted friends or friends from recovery to organize your own parties, and use the Internet to find other sober get-togethers and find ways to actually have fun without a single drop of liquor.

When you aren’t out and about socializing in a sober manner, your best bet is to have fun doing the things you enjoy doing the most. Check out local enthusiast clubs, get into events and competitions, challenge yourself to do things or try things you’ve never tried before, and take the opportunity of living in a large and vibrant city to discover how many large and vibrant things you’ve been missing out on.


You Need the Right Support

No matter where you decide to get sober, it’s always important to have a strong team in your corner. LA is a great place if you’re looking for some of the world’s finest recovery centers and treatment facilities, it’s got a great local sober scene, and there’s plenty of things to do that don’t involve alcohol or drugs. But some days, you might still be feeling the urge to get back into old habits, or you’ve simply had a really bad day/week/month and need help.

That’s where support becomes crucial. Having friends and family in your corner is important, just as it is important for you to be in their corner when they need help. We rely on each other, on communication and healthy relationships, on trust and honesty. Addiction is a chronic illness that can come back, especially in very stressful times, when it feels like the easiest (or only) way out of a problem is to drink or use again. We all need help sometimes, even when we’ve spent so much time being strong alone. No matter where you live, having support is important.


What Los Angeles Provides for a Recovering Addict

Los Angeles Recovery

Los Angeles might not be the Big Apple, but it’s by far one of the largest and most infamous cities in the country. LA is known for its warm weather, its rich cultural heritage, its long and storied history of sharing land and culture between the US and Mexico, and the star-studded fame of Hollywood. LA is the place to be, if where you want to be involves partying, fame, and fortune.

But there’s more to it than just that. On the surface, LA is iconic for symbols of material wealth and indulgence as the nation’s film capital – but it’s got much more to offer just beneath the skin, if you care to look. For recovering addicts, LA is a place with a large sober community, countless great sober treatment centers, a real sober nightlife, and much, much more.


A Large Sober Community

For a recovering addict, finding ways to spend time and learn new things is important. Staying sober means finding other ways to have fun and maintain an emotional calm – for many, addiction begins as a way to blow off steam, and turns into something much more sinister. There are plenty of meetups and online groups dedicated to helping people stay sober in LA, by organizing different events and helping people find hobbies they might be interested in.


Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes are sometimes seen as an alternative to residential treatment and are at other times an effective way to transition from a rehab program into regular life. In Los Angeles, different sober living communities offer beautiful properties with access to nearby parks or beachfronts, countless other amenities, and a chance at making friends with other recovering addicts who are staying at the community/home until they feel comfortable to head out into the rest of the world.

Strictly drug-free, these communities are like many other communities and apartment complexes, but with an additional ruleset to protect tenants and ensure total sobriety. Some rules are basic and universal, like curfews and drug testing, while others specifically pertain to the community in question.


A Real Sober Nightlife

Sober nightlife might sound like an oxymoron, but it exists. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a night out without actually getting a drink, even in a place as well-known for vice and indulgence as Los Angeles. Sober bars and nightclubs exist throughout LA and offer a safe experience to anyone looking to have fun without drinks.

Another option is to dance it out at a dance club, and just avoid the drinks and the drunks. Going with sober friends is much more fun, because it can feel a little strange trying to enjoy yourself when everyone around you is in a daze.

There are, of course, alternatives to dancing and mocktails. After all, LA is known for its excellent food.


Food to Die For

The food scene in Los Angeles spans across the entire region and gives food critics all over the nation dozens of great options to recommend and favor. Your favorites will depend entirely on taste and bias, but there’s really no wrong option if you pick from any of the different online bucket lists and restaurant collections.

Thousands of dedicated foodies spend their time reviewing and taste-testing their way through the entire Los Angeles culinary landscape, giving you weekly updates on all of the best eats throughout the city. You’re just bound to find something you genuinely enjoy. Why does that matter?

Even if you’re not big on big portions, almost anyone can enjoy a well-prepared, perfectly-cooked dish. From vegan options to the city’s absolute best in surf-and-turf, whatever it is that might rock your boat, or if you’re specifically looking for more exotic and daring culinary adventures, there’s going to be something out there for you. When going sober, it’s important to be open to new experiences and give your senses a chance to truly experience everything around them and get used to enjoying many other things, particularly things you’ve never enjoyed before. New experiences are important because they help you separate the old from the new, and truly dedicate yourself to this fresh chapter in your life.


Real Nature

Los Angeles may be a city, but it’s incredibly large. Spanning 503 mi² with a total population of over 4 million, it features not only countless boulevards, main streets and industry hotspots, but the greater LA area is also home to true natural wonders, including The Ballona Freshwater Marsh, the James Irvine Japanese Garden, the Virginia Robinson Gardens, and countless hike trails, including Sandstone Peak, Los Liones Trail, the Bridge to Nowhere, and more.

Just like food, nature is important for sobriety as well. Even if you’re not much of an outdoorsy person, giving yourself some time to just take an hour or two and sit by some flowers or under a tree, with your phone off, can change your perspective on the world around you and give you a little bit of a feeling that there’s more going on than just you sitting in the middle of a bunch of greenery. For reasons that have not been fully explored yet, nature tends to soothe people, and we exhibit less stress and lower levels of anxiety and depression if we take some time to visit and immerse ourselves in real nature from time to time.


Always Something New

It’s Los Angeles, which ultimately means you’ll never run out of things to do. There’s always something new to check out, a new event to go to, a new hobby to try out, a new trend to examine, or a new perspective to chase. Even something as simple as a hiking trail can end up drastically different each time, depending on who you end up meeting, who you’re going with, and what happens along the way.

And that, in a sense, is how life works as well. If you keep an eye out for new experiences and learn to actively seek out something different, you’ll find that sobriety is just as, if not much more exciting that addiction ever was, and ever will be.