Building Brotherhood In Men’s Sober Living

Brotherhood In Recovery | Transcend Recovery Community

By: Alex Ziperovich

A men’s sober living is a home where men have the opportunity to live in a healthy, safe, and alcohol/drug free environment, usually after completing a process of detoxification and stabilization at an inpatient facility. It is essentially a step-down from residential treatment for addicts and alcoholics transitioning back into the real world. There are a plethora of different options that compete for your attention after treatment, and it is important to carefully consider every route. This vital series of steps you take to treat your addiction after undergoing inpatient treatment is known as “aftercare”. Creating an effective aftercare plan is critical for continued success, and choosing a sober living is one fundamental element of the vast majority of these plans. Remember that every single sober living is unique in its level of care, the amount of structure, and the inclusive and optional amenities provided. The unifying theme is the cultivation of a community of people committed to living clean and sober, together. Transcend’s sober living community is second to none in providing a vibrant, exciting life with a brotherhood of sober men.

A sober living provides men with a nurturing place to live and build brotherhood among other men with whom they begin to rebuild their lives in a residence where they are secure against the temptation of drugs and alcohol. Men form strong bonds with other men and journey toward their own improvement and empowerment together, supporting and learning from one another. This community support has been shown to be effective in longitudinal studies conducted that consistently show improved outcomes for addicts and alcoholics that enter into sober living situations.


Structure – Level of Care

Sober living residences provide varying levels of structure for their clients. This set of rules and the intensity of involvement in the planning of its residents’ daily lives is known as the “level of care”. At one end of this continuum is a residential treatment facility, which provides a higher level of supervision and structure for its clients, many of whom require continuous, uninterrupted oversight because they are at higher risk for relapse. Sober living exists on the low end of this spectrum of care, and is thought of as being one part of an effective post-treatment portfolio of treatment, in the same vein as IOP (Intensive Outpatient) and counseling services.

While no two sober livings are the same, most offer a gradual and deliberate increase in personal responsibility through a process of acquiring trust that is then proportional to a client’s level of freedom. Acquiring your independence through accountability and honesty is integral to success in sobriety. Transcend Recovery Community’s commitment to its client’s success through the application of continuous, unwavering support and healthy structure is a quality that sets Transcend apart. Ultimately, this process can serve to be profoundly liberating for those seeking to learn how to live and thrive without drugs and alcohol.

Transcend Recovery Community offers round-the-clock direction and engagement with clients, offering a high staff-to-client ratio in the hope that residents feel comfortable, safe, and cared for during their individual processes of recovery. Indeed, the ability of the client to utilize the wisdom and encouragement of Transcend’s highly experienced staff is one of the qualities that truly makes a unique, healing experience for the residents that live there.


Support – A Community Service

Many battling dependence on drugs and alcohol find themselves isolated and alone, often without many meaningful friendships, while relationships with family and significant others are strained from the trauma of addiction. Living in a sober community creates a chance to cultivate new, positive relationships and brotherhood with people that are going through some of the same things.

There is a real power to knowing that you are part of a brotherhood of like-minded individuals, all striving to better themselves. Your personal growth is in many ways contingent upon how you interact with, and become part of, the larger communities in your life. Sober living is one important way to build brotherhood in recovery and a network of people you can rely on when times are tough, and to support you when times are good.

You will share both your triumphs and your setbacks with the group of people that live in your sober living, and many of these people will become important to you, as friends and confidantes and allies in your sobriety. As you grow and mature in your recovery, you will find that these people are some of your greatest assets. Indeed, if addiction and alcoholism have driven you into alienation and seclusion, sober living is a way back into a supportive community, where you can find brotherhood and will be included and cared about.


Comfort – A Lifestyle Choice

Different sober living’s offers certain comforts and niceties, and these will be an important part of choosing one that is right for you upon your departure from inpatient treatment. The amenities offered at a particular sober living, along with the living quarters themselves, are what determine the price.

Transcend’s recovery community, based in Los Angeles, California, New York, New York, and Houston, Texas offers an amazing lifestyle for recovery. Healthy, nutritious meals are prepared by a professional chef 5 days a week. All our spacious houses are in safe, desirable neighborhoods. All-inclusive membership to an exclusive boutique boxing gym is complimentary. Transportation to and from therapy and off-site activities around greater Los Angeles is provided. We have 24/7 on-call staff with personal experience in recovery. Yoga and acupuncture on a weekly basis, and a variety of experiential sessions such as yoga, art, surfing lessons, boxing, camping and hiking, and introduction to recovery oriented programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Refuge Recovery, Buddhist Mindfulness, and SMART Recovery.


Success – Men’s Sober Living

Choosing to live in a sober living is a tangible way to show yourself and the world the seriousness of your intention to stay sober. Transcend’s men’s sober living is committed to helping men (and women) create fantastic lives, as a part of a community of people dedicated to transforming their lives and the lives of those around them. We’re striving to help men learn to help themselves through a journey of self-rediscovery and brotherhood. There is no better way to begin your life anew away from narcotics and booze, and to do it comfortably and happily, surrounded by people that get it. Call the recovery specialists at Transcend today at 800-208-1211 and see how joining the Transcend family can change your life.