Why Is Quitting Drugs/Alcohol So Difficult?

Why Is Quitting Drugs/Alcohol So Difficult - Transcend Recovery

It starts with a drink, or one hit, or just a one-time thing. Sometimes it’s under pressure from others, sometimes it’s because you feel like you just need it right now. Other times, it’s because it’s the thing to do and you never thought about doing it differently. It’s always a slippery slope. Every year, […]

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The Trick to Staying Motivated in Sobriety

The Trick to Staying Motivated in Sobriety - Transcend Recovery

Most people who choose to get sober have some sort of motivation driving them to do so. They might feel that their addiction is becoming an existential threat, and they begin to realize their mortality. Or they suddenly realize how the damage they’ve been doing to themselves and others has come to hurt not only […]

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How To Tell If Your Drinking Is Becoming a Problem

How To Tell If Your Drinking Is Becoming a Problem - Transcend Recovery

A majority of Americans have consumed alcohol, and a plurality do so on a regular basis. It’s a cliché at this point: alcohol, when consumed responsibly, is not necessarily harmful. But there’s often a very fine line between socially acceptable drinking, and a serious health risk. Alcohol is, for all intents and purposes, a poison. […]

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Is a Sober Living Community Necessary?

Is A Sober Living Community Necessary

A sober living community often helps people become more comfortable with their sobriety without the threat of relapse. Because these communities have no real limit on how long a tenant can stay – so long as they respect the rules – it doesn’t matter how long it takes someone to get set up. But does […]

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How Much Does My Addiction Cost?

How Much Does My Drug Addiction Cost

Drug use is not cheap – far from it, in fact. One of the reasons drug addiction is so ruinous is because getting addicted is often tantamount to financial suicide, even for the well-off. Without meticulous financial planning, it’s easy to blow the majority of your money on a habit you cannot control, and cannot […]

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Don’t Let Peer Pressure Impact Your Sobriety

Don't Let Peer Preassure Impact Your Sobriety

Humans are social animals, for better and for worse. While we’d like to think that our behavior is largely dictated by our own wants and desires, the truth is often much more complex, and far less in favor of self-determinism – much of what we do is pre-programmed, especially when it involves groups. Whenever we’re […]

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Why Should You Choose A Women’s Sober Living Home?

Women's Sober Living

When it comes to addiction – from epidemiology to treatment – gender matters. The facts show that men and women get addicted differently, to different drugs, at different rates, and for different reasons. This translates into having a direct effect on treatment, where women and men respond differently to certain circumstances and approaches. As the […]

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Finding A Purpose in Your Sober Life

Finding Purpose in Sober Life

It may be an understatement to say that an addiction can leave a void in someone’s life. When going sober, one of the greatest challenges is figuring out what to do next – and not being paralyzed by the sheer choice of it all. In many cases, people do one of two things: get stuck, […]

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