Tips for Being Confident in Your Sober Life

Being Confident in Sober Life

One of the unfortunate misunderstandings surrounding sobriety is that to be sober is to be happy – or that being sober is automatically better than being high. Or, worst of all, that you’ll stop ever missing the high. Almost everyone who has been addicted to a drug can tell you that they still sometimes miss […]

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Side Effects from Overuse & Abuse of Alcohol

What Alcohol Does to You

Alcohol, or more accurately ethanol, is secreted when sugars and starches ferment in the presence of yeast producing carbon dioxide and ethanol. Alcohol has existed for most of human civilization. Alcohol can be made from honey, grain, milk, fruits and spices have all been used to develop meads, ales, beers, wines, liquors and other spirits. […]

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Ways to Make Friends in Los Angeles

Making Friends in LA

Perhaps not too surprisingly, it’s not very easy making friends in Los Angeles. While the advice for many major cities would be to simply head out and get to know some people in bars along the weekends, this isn’t the case for LA residents and anyone looking to maintain their sobriety. Thankfully, you’re able to […]

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The Relationship Between Grit, Success, & Faith

The Relationship Between Grit, Success, & Faith - Transcend

Paul Tough suggests that the primary quality in successful people is grit. Loosely defined, grit is when one continues to persist faithfully in the face of failure. To continue to believe in oneself. Steve Jobs dropped out of college to start Apple. He was essentially pushed out of Apple, only to return as their CEO […]

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What Permanent Damage Can Drugs Do to You?

What Lasting Damage Can Drugs Do

All drugs can leave lasting, permanent damage – if taken often enough. Addictive drugs usually cause the most damage in any given society because, unlike, say, heart medication, taking a drug like heroin compels you to take more of it, until you feel like you can’t live without an ever-increasing dose of the stuff. And […]

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Cutting Out Old Friends Who Encourage Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Friends in Recovery

Everyone needs friends. Friends make life richer and help us through hard times. There’s something about a platonic relationship – a friendship between two people – that isn’t possible between a person and their relatives, or a person and their closest, most intimate partner. Friendship also exists on a spectrum. Some “friends” are simply acquaintances, […]

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Drug Spotlight: Opioid-Based Prescription Drugs

Opioid Abuse

The opioid epidemic started back in the 90s, riding in on a wave of painkillers coming in off the streets and from the doctor’s office alike. A surge in heroin production as well as an abundance of unused, stolen and resold prescription opioids led to a nation with thousands of people addicted to and dependent […]

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Mental Health Issues That Commonly Accompany Addiction

De-Stressing After Addiction

Addiction and other mental health issues often go hand-in-hand, for several reasons. It’s important to understand that in a lot of cases, people who struggle with one mental illness may also struggle with symptoms pertaining to another mental illness, or they may have several codependent diagnoses. Addiction is considered a mental health issue by the […]

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