The 7 Best Stress Relievers for a Sober Lifestyle

7 Effective Sober Stress Relievers - Transcend Recovery Community

Drug use is, among other things, an excellent short-term stress reliever. But it’s in the long-term that its flaws become glaringly obvious – and dangerous. Such forms of stress relief are also known as maladaptive coping mechanisms. In short, they serve to cope with stress but don’t serve to help alleviate it. The difference between […]

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Finding Happiness in a Sober Life

Finding Happiness in Sober Life

By its very definition, sobriety is a drug-free life. With that comes clarity, freedom, and most importantly, choice. But the ability to choose also introduces new challenges. As dangerous as it is to stay addicted to drugs, going completely drug-free opens up a staggering amount of possibilities. Clubs, pubs, and watering holes are no longer […]

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