The Best Sober Living Homes Will Meet the Code of Ethics

The Best Sober Living Homes Will Meet the Code of Ethics |

If you’re looking for a way to reach sobriety but you’ve heard horror stories about halfway houses, you should know that the Los Angeles County Sober Living Coalition has established regulations on how a sober living home runs its business in Los Angeles.

Regardless of whether you are considering a sober living home in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, or another part of the city, the best sober living homes out there always abide by a particular code of ethics.

Essentially, the best sober living homes are ones that provide you with a service and before doing so, they also need to attest to the fact that they will maintain a vital concern for the lives and well being of all individuals they serve.

According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, the house manager of a sober living home expressed feeling proud of two of their guests, who arrived scared and confused. At the time of the article, the guests were nearing their departure and had come a long way in their recovery. It is likely that homes that consistently meet the code of ethics for sober living are more able to provide this kind of service to their guests.

Below are some of the ethical considerations that sober living homes must abide to:

  • Be dedicated to recognizing the dignity and worth of all human beings.
  • Maintain an alcohol and illicit drug-free environment.
  • Maintain quality housing that is consistent with the quality of the neighborhood. Demonstrate activities that benefit the immediate neighbors.
  • Heads of households will submit to random drug testing at the request of the Sober Living Coalition.
  • Exercise no physical violence, nor threaten violence, in the home.
  • Assure that no weapons are allowed on sober living premises.
  • Managers or heads of household are to never become romantically or sexually involved with guests or anyone the sober living home is assisting.
  • Managers or heads of household are to never become involved with guests’ financial affairs. This covers borrowing or lending money, buying or selling property or other financial transactions.
  • Operate the house in a “complaint-free” way so that complaints from clients, neighbors, and service providers are not generated.
  • Provide resident agreements and rules that reflect the house operates as an unrelated family of persons with disabilities living together in mutual support.
  • Respect the privacy and personal rights of all guests. I agree to develop skills to relocate residents and do all that is possible to relocate lodgers when it becomes necessary to terminate residency.

Anyone who is searching for sobriety wants to find a home that is going to provide the best care. The best sober living homes in Los Angeles that meet the Los Angeles County Sober Living Coalition code of ethics are likely to do that.


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