Behind Our Masks by CEO & Founder Asher Gottesman

Outside vs Inside therapeutic art by members of the Transcend Recovery Community

Do the masks we wear keep us from our truth? Are they a false portrayal of who we really are? Or can the safety of being behind a mask help you to reveal your true self?

In almost every religion there is a holiday or time of year where it is customary to wear a mask, to dress up, to basically project a different “face”, or, to show a different side of ourselves. Isn’t it ironic that we “cover” our face to unleash perhaps, another/the “real” side of ourselves?

I’m reminded of a proverb that states that a man’s true personality comes out in three ways: 1- when he is drunk, 2-when he is angry, and 3- in how he deals with money. When someone is drunk, he/she is uninhibited and unafraid to express their true feelings or beliefs. When one is angry, they have lost control, and again, you see their true colors. With money, as we know all too well, we sometimes love our money more than anything!

I think this concept of a “costume” or “mask” is the fourth way our true colors are revealed. Though, most of us wear a mask every day, right?

While we present ourselves to the world in one way, we see ourselves in another. So often, we are afraid to say what we truly believe or think for fear of harsh judgment from those we wish to impress.

The gift that a true, loving, non-judgmental community gives us, is the ability to take off that mask and be our true self. To stand in confidence as the most authentic version of ourselves, to be the person we were put on the planet to be. The shelter and bonds of a loving community embolden us to act with courage, to be as we truly are, to live out our potential, and to unleash the best version of ourselves.

Truth be told, if anyone judged us the way we judge ourselves, we would probably be very angry, or hurt.

The blessing of Community is the realization that we are all created with a unique gift to share with the world. We are all perfectly imperfect beings. We must realize that on our best days we are going be great, and on our worst days, we have the support and non-judgement of our community. On both those days, with whatever mask we wear, we are still ourselves, we are still worthy of love.

This week, let’s acknowledge and lean on the support of our communities to be our honest selves. Let’s free ourselves from harsh self-criticism and the fear of other’s judgment. Let’s embrace our imperfections and show others that, imperfections and all, they, too, are lovable and worthy, no matter what!!

~Asher Gottesman, CEO & Founder of Transcend Recovery Community


Transcend Los Angeles having fun as a community and family

Creative mask work by Transcend Texas