50 Coping Tools to Center Yourself

50 Coping Tools to Center Yourself | Transcend Recovery Community

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or frustrated or irritable, you might need tools to find an inner sense of relaxation and peace. It’s hard to think of what will bring you calm when you’re in the middle of feeling frustrated. You might need some ideas.

Furthermore, if you’re in recovery, you might still experience cravings for drugs or alcohol. It’s common for people who are still using drugs and drinking to turn to wine, marijuana, or cocaine when life gets challenging. It’s common to make drugs and alcohol a coping tool for life.

However, if you’re now sober, then you’ll need to find new tools to get centered. Here are 50 coping tools to use when you need them:

  1. Listen to modern music and dance.
  2. Listen to classical music and let the melodies soothe you. Or let them inspire your imagination.
  3. Meditate.
  4. Paint.
  5. Walk in the fresh air.
  6. Call a friend.
  7. Exercise.
  8. Use a relaxation tape to calm your thoughts and feelings.
  9. Practice yoga.
  10. Take a warm bath.
  11. Call your sponsor or therapist.
  12. Write down your negative thoughts and then rip the paper in shreds.
  13. Attend a recovery group.
  14. Watch television.
  15. Get into your favorite hobby.
  16. Play a computer game.
  17. Do something you’ve never done before.
  18. Take a walk in nature.
  19. Go swimming at the beach.
  20. Go hiking in the woods.
  21. Do a crossword puzzle to occupy your mind.
  22. Use a voice diary and catalog your thoughts and feelings.
  23. Accept where you are emotionally right now.
  24. Write down any negative thoughts and then write down a positive thought next to each one.
  25. Go through old photos of family and friends whom you love.
  26. Choose and repeat in your mind an affirmation to keep you feeling strong inside.
  27. Spend time with stuffed animals that bring you joy.
  28. Or go to the pet store and play with a puppy or kitten.
  29. Put on some lotion or massage oils that you appreciate feeling on your skin.
  30. Start writing in your personal journal so that you can write out your experiences, thoughts, and feelings.
  31. Have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or other comfort food.
  32. Get out and reflect upon some of your favorite quotes that inspire you.
  33. Find a magazine article that can encourage you and keep you moving toward your goals.
  34. Play music on a drum or an instrument you like.
  35. Listen to a workout CD and follow along.
  36. Read some poetry that warms your heart and invokes insight – or create some of your own.
  37. Have some hot cocoa mix to feel warm and cozy inside.
  38. Pull out a spiritual book to boost your spiritual practice and give strength to your sobriety.
  39. Put on some fuzzy socks and climb under a cozy blanket and watch a good movie.
  40. Make some herbal tea and relax.
  41. Spend time with your children.
  42. Have a romantic evening at home with your spouse or significant other.
  43. Work on a creative project you’ve been trying to find time for.
  44. Make plans for your future.
  45. Read a book about healing from codependency and addiction.
  46. Gather some colorful paper, magazine clips, and scissors to create a vision board of your hopes for the future.
  47. Use some aromatherapy oils which can be inhaled or applied to the skin. Use them to support emotional balance, stress relief, and overall well-being.
  48. Unwind from a busy week.
  49. Cool yourself a healthy meal.
  50. Play hooky from work and give yourself entire day of self-care.

These are suggestions for taking good care of yourself. These can be ideas for getting centered and calm so that you can face your challenge with ease.


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