The 2014 REEL Recovery Film Festival in Los Angeles

The 2014 REEL Recovery Film Festival in Los Angeles | Transcend Recovery Community

As the path of recovery continues on day by day, it’s always helpful to have a community of individuals with whom you immediately have a close bond. Though you may not know the men and women that make up certain sober living communities, by default you know generally what they’ve been through and what they’re seeking: long-term sober living.

For this reason, you may want to know about upcoming film festival in Los Angeles. The event is put on by Writers in Treatment, a nonprofit organization rooted in both recovery and the arts. They provide educational programs in prevention and awareness with their primary purpose being to save lives: through promoting and providing “TREATMENT” as the best first step solution for Addiction, Alcoholism and other Self-Destructive behaviors.

Each year they hold events in a number of cities around the country in order to encourage healthy conversation, prevention, education, and healing. The REEL Recovery Film in Los Angeles takes place this year beginning October 24 through October 30.

REEL Recovery Film Festival, Los Angeles Edition
October 24-30, 2014
Laemmie’s NoHo Cinema
North Hollywood, CA

It’s a seven-day celebration of the arts, film, and creativity. The purpose of the event is to share the journey of addiction, sober living, and recovery from life shattering addictions. This annual festival is unlike other recovery events in that it brings together the entire story of addiction from the dark points to the high points and everything in between. It’s focus is on drug addiction, alcoholism and recovery through the authentic portrayal of addiction-related issues through film.

It is an incredibly valuable experience, especially for someone who is early on their road to recovery, because it invokes inspirational and honest conversations. And because the event takes place in Los Angeles, there’s no question you’ll run into celebrities along with recovery experts, high quality mental health professionals, friends, family, and even strangers. Yet, no matter who you meet, everyone has one thing in common: an appreciation for the power of film to highlight life’s most challenging journey.

Yet, another powerful result of this event is prevention. As one recovery addict once pointed out: there are only three things an addict can look forward to and that is jail, an institution, or death. By highlighting the challenges of drinking and drugging, there’s potential for someone currently struggling with addiction to open the door to sober living. He or she will be in a community of those who have been able to make one of the biggest life changes – a step out of the addiction cycle and into the world of sober help and sobriety.

In fact, a current addict attending the film festival might be able to step away from the ritzy Los Angeles drinking circles as a result of attending the event. Although it might be hard to do, he or she will immediately have supportive individuals around along with the strong message through film that making such a change is more than possible. Whereas prior to attending the event, an addict might have felt as though such a change was impossible.

Research has shown that one of the most essential components to recovery is relationships and communities. In fact, it may be the most primary component before others parts of recovery are addressed such as a stable home life, meaningful work, and participating in a community.

This year’s Los Angeles Reel Recovery Film Festival is sure to highlight the benefits of sober living and possibly even save a life.


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